What are you doing tomorrow?

Randstad helps employees shape their careers. Together, Dockbite and Randstad have developed new customer journeys for a personalised user experience.

Strategy and design

The Challenge

Randstad has a leading role in the labour market. Worldwide, they have been guiding employees in their careers for more than 55 years. Randstad currently offers these employees a one-size-fits-all approach. However, they want to move away from this and see an approach aimed at their different user groups; from students to retirees. With the help of an innovative customised solution, Randstad hopes to be able to offer their users the most personal service possible. Dockbite was tasked with turning this vision of the future into reality.

A Personal Journey

In order to arrive at a great product, Dockbite conducted a design sprint together with Randstad. In a number of sessions, we provided insight into the different types of users and their needs. From this, four different customer journeys emerged, one journey for each type of user.

A Chat with Randstad

Shaping your career is not something that can be done in a day. Randstad takes you along and guides you through this journey. The first steps are always the toughest, but, fortunately, you don't have to take them alone. We help you to get the best out of yourself. Chat with Randstad to find out more about the job market.

Swipe to your Ideal Job

Find a new job quickly and easily. In the app we offer you an overview of different types of professions in different industries. Does the profession match your interests? Then swipe to the right, or like it by giving it a green tick. Does the profession not appeal to you at all? No problem - just swipe to the left. You will receive a personal selection of vacancies based on your preferences. When are you going to start with your new employer?

The Result

The four journeys are brought to life in a prototype incorporating smart data solutions and simulations devised by Dockbite. The beauty of a prototype is that, without operational barriers, you can provide a glimpse of the future digital transformation within Randstad.

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