From product to complete ecosystem

You choose your door, we do the rest. That is the promise of GewoonGers, producer of beautiful, custom-made, fixed-price steel doors.

Data and AI
Low code
Strategy and design

Design your own Door

Dockbite came into the picture when Robin van Houwelingen, director of GewoonGers, was looking for a product configurator. We built the first version and integrated it seamlessly into the website, making it easy for customers to put together their own door and then convert it into an appointment to measure-up.

More Satisfied Customers

Thanks to a clever marketing campaign and the very user-friendly configurator, the number of new customers surged. Based on feedback from customers and the GewoonGers employees, the configurator became increasingly sophisticated and new types of doors and accessories were added. The consumer sees a simple picture of a door; we see a render (digital image based on a data model) of 5 layers.


When the customer has chosen a door, they immediately schedule a measuring appointment. During this appointment, the GewoonGers employee uses the app developed by Dockbite. This app is linked to the customer card, but it also generates all the information for the employees in the factory. There too, an app is used with information about order picking, sawing, drilling, assembly and final inspection. As a result, the production process runs like clockwork!

Real-time insight

Dockbite has really grown with the customer, GewoonGers is constantly shifting its ambitions and we enjoy being challenged to make those ambitions come true. For example, we created a dashboard in which you can track all orders live. On request, we also made a white label version of the configurator, so dealers can make their own quotations. And we are currently working on a track & trace system so the customer has full insight into the status of the order.

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