The real-world potential of algorithms

The impact of algorithms in the world around us is rapidly increasing. Dockbite is taking part in this evolution by specifically applying algorithms to the high impact parts of an ecosystem. This enables us to offer hands on AI-solutions to all sectors that are possessing data.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language is deeply intertwined into existing business processes. From searching through knowledge bases, the classification of documents or the implementation of a digital assistent, it is our expertise.

NLP in practice


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Image Processing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now, with the capabilities of image processing, this stands for algorithms as well. Counting an inventory with computer vision, object recognition or judging the expression of a human being, it is in our toolbox.

Image Processing in de praktijk

Recommender Systems

Ever wondered how Netflix keeps you bingewatching? Recommender systems are essential in offering a personal experience. Moreover, they are of great value in other industries, such as e-commerce and targeted advertising.

Recommender systems in practice

Pattern Recognition

What if we could predict the failure of a mechanical part? What is the best moment to restock my inventory? Pattern recognition will help you to create models that can do these kinds of forecasting for you.

Pattern Recognition in practice

Mr. Fill

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Genetic Algorithms

The origin of some kinds of artificial intelligence lies in nature. For example, Genetic Algorithms. These kind of algorithms are applied in the field of planning and optimization, such as logistics.

Genetic Algorithms in practice




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Algorithm Theory

Most of the real-world problems can be reduced to standard problems from computer science. Dealing with the arrangement of boxes in a shipping container or dividing workload over machines, we will apply the theory.

Algorithm Theory in practice


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